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It's important not only in recovery but also in life to find a balance between hard work and fun. We go on trips, participate in lots of activities, and even put on our own events.


We go on a few camping trips with the Ranch every year.  Recently, we've camped at Lake Isabella, Yosemite, Lake Cachuma, and San Simeon and have had amazing camping experiences at them all. Camping with the Ranch is always memorable to say the least. We have groups around the campfire, trash pick-ups at the campsite, football, hiking, surfing, horseshoes, and fishing. It's a great opportunity for all of the brothers in the house to get closer and have fun in recovery at the same time.


Golf is huge at the Ranch. We often take trips to Alisal Ranch, Rancho San Marcos, and Zaca Creek to golf as a house. We have a yearly golf event called the Spring Classic where the residents get to invite their families to enjoy a nice game of golf with them.


Throughout the year we go on fishings trips from small trips to the lake to chartering fishing boats to go deep sea fishing. We keep everything we catch and cook it for the house. It's a great opportunity for those who have never gone fishing and for those who have, to enjoy a pastime.


Softball is another great activity we get to do at the Ranch. We show up, divide into two teams, come up with a strategy, and then execute. It's a chance for us to have fun, be loud, and learn to work together as a team all while remembering to lead with recovery and conduct ourselves as gentlemen.


Every year we backpack in Yosemite. Groups of 15 guys spend five days hiking the Wawona Trail. It's a great experience to get closer to a group of guys and have fun spending time in the wilderness. We push through the elements battling wind and snow, even hail on occasion. Fishing, cooking over the open fire, and roasting marshmallows are all things we get to enjoy on the trip.


Sports are a huge part of the Ranch. We regularly attend games for the Dodgers and USC Trojans. We got to be a part of the NLCS, USC vs. Stanford, and USC vs. Arizona games. Picture this: 50 guys screaming, shouting, and pumping up the crowd to start a massive wave around the entire stadium! The energy and passion we bring to each game is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. We are there to support our teams, but we always put our brothers first.


Bowling with the Ranch is like nothing most of us have ever experienced before. We speed bowl which means constant high-fives, no sitting, and having our brother's ball ready for them so they're ready to go. Whichever team has the most total points at the end of the round wins, so it's important that we move urgently. There is always a prize for the winning team - usually a special trip or sports game.

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