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Alcohol Rehab California

If you or someone you love has a problem with alcohol, you don't have to fight alone! The Recovery Ranch is an alcohol rehab in California that helps men overcome their battles with alcoholism and addiction every day. Although alcoholism can be a formidable foe to even the strongest-willed individuals, victory can be yours if you work hard for it. If you're looking for reliable alcohol rehab in California with a proven track-record, either for you or your loved one, the Recovery Ranch is the place for you. Go for a virtual tour on our website or send us an email to schedule an appointment whenever you're ready.

The Recovery Ranch Can Help You Organize an Intervention

If your child, friend, or relative is on a one-way road to destruction, the Recovery Ranch can help. Alcoholism is a progressive disease that will eventually humiliate, degrade, and take the lives of its victims. We know first-hand because we've been there and done that. All of our staff and managers are recovering addicts with long-term sobriety.

Often, an alcoholic's family suffers the most from their loved one's alcohol abuse. Fortunately, the Recovery Ranch is an alcohol rehab in California that understands addiction and can help you organize an intervention to save your loved one's life. If you need assistance confronting your loved one about getting the help they need, we're here for you because caring for other addicts, and alcoholics is how we maintain our sobriety. We will go with you to any location, regardless of the setting, to perform an intervention for your loved one. Just send us an email to learn more. Don't wait until it's too late to realize the need for help.

Choose an Alcohol Rehab in California that Works

In today's addiction treatment landscape, there are more treatment facilities and treatment methods than at any time throughout history. On the one hand, having so many resources and so many addiction treatment facilities readily available would seem like a blessing. On the other hand, this apparent blessing can become a curse. Indeed, many alcohol rehabs in California are nothing more than revolving doors for suffering alcoholics. Quantity is no substitute for quality, especially concerning addiction treatment.

The reason why these marry-go-round alcohol rehabs fail is primarily that they fail to change the lives of their patients. Sure, they provide helpful literature, cozy tell-all groups, and world-class room service; but they don't let their patients work for their sobriety. The need to work for what we have is inherent in all humans, especially in men. Men need to work.

Though most rehab centers are sincere, they are often misguided. By providing food, plating the food, washing the dishes, cleaning their linens, cleaning up behind them, and doing just about everything else you can imagine for their patients, these facilities often serve more as hospice centers, not rehabilitation facilities. It's no wonder that when their patients go back into the real world, they're not prepared to succeed. In fact, they're arguably more likely to relapse because they are no longer being catered to.

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