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Alcohol Treatment Program California

The Recovery Ranch is an alcohol treatment program in California that takes a unique approach to long-term recovery. The Recovery Ranch achieves much higher long-term sobriety rates than any other alcohol treatment program in California. Why? In part, because the Recovery Ranch is overseen by recovering addicts who themselves have obtained long-term sobriety. We also differ from other alcohol treatment programs in California in that we believe in working for our sobriety, and we get real behind doors.

The Recovery Ranch is the Most Candid Alcohol Treatment Program in California

The Recovery Ranch is a men's only alcohol rehab treatment facility. Frankly, our treatment center isn't for everyone. Here, we get into each other's business, point out each other's character flaws, and hold each other accountable on a daily basis. We take a gender-specific approach to alcohol treatment. This is fitting since men and women abuse alcohol differently, for different reasons, and respond to recovery treatment differently. We have found that men's egos often come into play in co-ed rehabs and men rarely open up about their weaknesses and feeling in the presence of women. That's why we're gender-specific.


Alcohol is a potent substance that creates physical dependency in alcoholics. To quit alcohol cold turkey is medically dangerous and needs to be overseen by a physician or qualified medical staff. If you or your loved one is going through alcohol detoxification, we'll coordinate with your medical team to get you to our facility and begin your journey of sobriety immediately upon being cleared.

Working for Recovery

If you want something in life, you have to work for it. This principle is especially true for men. Though you could easily find an alcohol treatment program in California with spas, massages, room service, and every amenity you can imagine, you'd be wasting your time and money. In these facilities, you can enjoy feel-good group counseling sessions, five-star meals with seconds and thirds, and a clean and serene environment. Unfortunately, the long-term sobriety rates of these facilities are wanting. Why do these alcohol treatment programs fail so miserably?

Put simply; these facilities don't prepare their patients for success in the real world. In the real world, success comes from hard work; not from being pampered and waited on. Besides, most men have families and or significant others who rely on their financial support. Indeed, many men don't seek the help they need because they can't stop working for 30, 60, or 90 days. The Recovery Ranch is a distinct alcohol treatment program in California that allows men to work while they get the treatment they need.

We Stage Interventions

The Recovery Ranch is run by recovering addicts who realize that the only way they'll maintain their sobriety is by helping other suffering alcoholics and addicts. You will find that our staff, although strict, care very much about suffering addicts (alcoholism is an addiction). If someone you love is suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction, we can help you stage an intervention that might save their lives. Send us an email today to find out more. It doesn't matter where they are; we'll go there!

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