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We have all sorts of amenities here at the Ranch. From the basic indoor amenities to our canoes, kayaks, boats, arcade, and movie theater, we have all that we need and more to not only have fun in recovery, but to grow up and learn how to become self-sufficient gentlemen.


The interior of all the houses at the Ranch is kept up to our high standard. The table settings are all spaced evenly with folded restaurant style napkins and all the utensils placed in a 'fine dining' style setting. The houses are cleaned every day and all bathrooms have properly folded towels, toilet paper rolls, and spotless mirrors. We all hold each other accountable to keeping the house looking clean and presentable. Each bed is made to standard with hospital corners. Drawers and personal belongings are kept neat and tidy. Each guy has a different responsibility throughout the day to keep the house up to standard after morning chores are done.


Our pool is complete with tables, chairs, umbrellas, and even palm trees, perfect for a pool day or barbecue dinner. When it gets really hot, we'll have a pool day where we jump in to cool off, as long as we don't forget about our responsibilities. Every day durring chores the pool is cleaned and vacuumed with the proper balance of chemicals added to keep the pool sparkling and clean. 


We have a fully stocked convenience store with everything you would need. Every day the residents have an opportunity to purchase what they want from snacks and soda to toiletries and cigarettes. Residents help run the store and its a good way to learn about retail work.

We have our own clothing and consignment store on site. Offering clothes for every type of weather. It's all embroidered and printed at our Ranch Gear business and run by residents.


Attached to the theater we have an arcade with several machines offering a wide variety of games to play from classic Nintendo games to the latest arcade games.



We recently built our own coffee shop inside of the store with a deluxe espresso machine and industrial coffee maker. Originally built for the Cocoa Stand we now use it daily to make coffee and specialty drinks for the residents.


We have our own gym located behind the Ranch Men's Store. It's complete with dumbbells, pull up bars, treadmills, ellipticals, rowing machine, Jacob's Ladder, squat racks, benches, and punching bags.

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