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Ranch Businesses

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       At Recovery Ranch, we are more than just a sober living home. We are a brotherhood of young men striving everyday to live and work as gentlemen in recovery; all based on accountability and the principles of both AA and John Wooden. These principles applied to the sober work-environments are what lay the foundation for our four businesses.  Ranch Gear, Ranch Mens Store, Ranch Hands, and most recently Ranch Learning Center are businesses within Recovery Ranch that offer guys in the house the opportunity to work for and manage businesses while working on a foundation for long-term sobriety.

Ranch Gear

Ranch Gear is our screen-printing and embroidery business located in the same building as The Ranch Learning Center.

Ranch Gear

The Barn-

A Clothing Store

The Barn is a retail apparel business located just down the street from the Ranch. There is now also a second location in South Lake Tahoe It offers a wide variety of clothing fit the everyday gentleman to the working man, as well as all the needed accessories.

Ranch Mens Store

Ranch Hands

Ranch Hands is a 24 hour handyman service. Our contractors license allows us to do anything from contracting jobs to house maintenance.

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