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Addiction Treatment in California

As you've probably realized by now, drug and alcohol addiction is absolutely terrible for the health, of both the individual and of the family. The satisfaction or euphoric high usually experienced after taking alcohol or drug is only temporary. Unfortunately, the long-term adverse effects are very devastating for the addict as well as everyone else involved.

Drug and alcohol addiction has been linked to severe health issues that affect the immune system, sexual performance, digestive system, liver, and even cancer. To live an addiction-free life, it is advisable that you seek addiction treatment in California from a reputable rehab facility. Recovery Ranch is the ideal place to turn to for your loved one in trouble!

At Recovery Ranch, we aim to help you or your son, brother, boyfriend, husband, or loved one overcome addiction issues and live a full life. Our treatment program is based on complete honesty and accountability. We will identify  character defects and help change these bad habits. We have developed a brotherhood that allows graduates of our program to flourish, leading beautiful lives free from the chains of drugs and alcohol free. 



At the Ranch, the single most important standard that we live by is accountability. We understand that individuals become addicted to drug and alcohol  in many cases due to a lack of accountability, structure, and poor decisions. We instill the concept and benefit of , and demonstrate the value of holding others accountable. With this, you will grow and change your life.

We Help Improve Your Work Ethic

At the Ranch, we believe that work ethic is a vital aspect of building a sober life. We will help you improve your work ethic to make it possible for you to lead a full and productive life, and go to bed satisfied each night with the work that you did during that day.

As addicts, we are way too used to quitting on things and never putting our full effort forward. Whether it's education, career, or relationships, addicts are notorious for quitting. At The Recovery Ranch, we change that.

Why Choose The Recovery Ranch?

We will teach you how to overcome life challenges and hassles while maintaining a good attitude. With this, you can establish a strong foundation for your recovery.

We do not have therapists or mental health specialists at the Ranch, nor will we provide you with a personalized treatment program or a personal masseuse like many programs. The Recovery Ranch is designed to change the lives of addicts & alcoholics, not to spoil them. We learn to help and support each other and elevate our standard of living together.

While our home is beautifully furnished and features state-of-the-art amenities, we work hard to maintain this every day with daily chores. The environment is peaceful, tranquil, and clean, because of the standard that we keep; not because we hire maids to clean up after us. An addict may overcome the withdrawal symptoms at The Recovery Ranch with the help of the support system we have in place. If medical attention is needed, we won't hesitate in bringing you or your loved one to the doctor's office down the street. When you choose us for your addiction treatment in California, you can anticipate excellent results. The cure for addiction starts with a commitment to changing, and at The Recovery Ranch we help addicts and their families with this on a daily basis.

Drug treatment made simple at Recovery Ranch
Families come together for addiction treatment in southern california
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