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Leaving Los Angeles
Find a Better Environment for Drug Rehab

For addicts and alcoholics, finding a rehab for drug treatment in Los Angeles County poses a major problem. Although the city is filled with treatment centers, it is also filled with addicts and drug dealers. Escaping the city or looking elsewhere for treatment is often a wise idea for the families of addicts. Although there are dealers and liquor stores regardless of where one goes, finding a new environment and lifestyle is a crucial step for addicts in early recovery.

Conveniently located several hours north of Los Angeles on the 101, The Recovery Ranch has houses in Santa Barbara as well as the quiet neighboring valley, Santa Ynez. Although technically not a drug rehab or a treatment center, The Recovery Ranch provides addicts with a safe environment, a high standard of living, and an unbeatable support system so they may finally overcome their addiction. The gentlemen in our program are able to help out in the community, go on cross-country disaster relief trips, and even go on vacation to Lake Tahoe to learn how to have fun in recovery!

Choosing the right drug rehab can be difficult, especially with so many options in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego. While Southern California offers arguably more treatment centers than anywhere else in the world, it is important to find the right program for your loved one.

THe Recovery Ranch has helped people of all ages, from all demographics, from all over the country. Click the link below to hear firsthand testimonials from addicts in recovery as well as their families!

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