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Sunny San Diego
Drug Rehab in Southern California

A host of options for drug and alcohol treatment are available in Southern California - from San Diego County - to Santa Barbara County to Sonoma County. So how do you make an educated decision on where to send your loved on? The choice is not always simple (plenty of factors come into play) but we have put together a list of reasons why our location in Santa Ynez works better than cities like San Diego. 


For addicts, escaping the hustle and grind of every day life is important during the early stages of recovery. Most rehabs are located in cities such as San Diego, San Jose, Los Angeles, Etc. Very few are located remotely, which we feel can be a major advantage. 


Large cities can have a large number of triggers for addicts in rehab/

These triggers can be anything from parking lots, to dealer's houses, to homeless people on the street. Finding a new location, away from these triggers is essential during the early months of recovery. Although there are plenty of good rehab facilities in cities like San Diego - they are automatically put at a disadvantage for this reason. If one of their residents wants to leave and find drugs - they can do so within minutes.

There are treatment centers all over Southern California, and obviously location is only one factor for choosing the right rehab. However, viewing our Recovery Ranch Testimonials page will make it clear why families from all over California and The United States have found a lasting solution for drug and alcohol addiction in Santa Ynez, California. 






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