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The Ranch has annual events we put on every year. Each event is coordinated by our own residents. This gives guys the opportunity to learn how to be part of a team to get something accomplished. For our big events, it takes teamwork and initiative from everyone to get things done. All events are fundraisers for guys who cannot afford to be in the house. This gives everyone the chance to come to the Ranch. As long as guys are committed and wanting to change, we will do everything we can to help them. All of our events are awesome and bigger every year! And everyone from families to visitors can enjoy them.

Howard Shannon Spring Classic

Starting with the Howard Shannon summer and spring classic golf tournaments, this year we hosted the 2015 Recovery Ranch Spring Classic in memorial of Howard Shannon. We invite players to come play in teams of 4 and winners of the tournament win prizes. Along with the winning prizes there are hole challenges and raffle prizes. All prizes are donated by sponsors of the tournament. This year we were able to have the addition of the Ranch Guys food trailer to serve breakfast, coffee, and parfaits. Lunch was provided by the golf club at The Alisal Guest Ranch And Resort. 

Recovery Ranch Garage Sale


Each May, we hold a giant yard sale with donated items from people all over Santa Barbara county. We go the extra mile by putting together full living room sets along with setting up electronics to test and creating a library from donated books. Everything is organized from the front of the barn wrapped around more then half of the property to the other side. With the addition of the Ranch Guys trailer guests can come eat lunch and choose from a variety of different burgers and other delicious options served by Ranch Guys.

Recovery Ranch Thanksgiving 

Every year in November we host our annual Thanksgiving event for the residents and their families. We spend days prepping and cooking delicious meals for over 200 people. We prepare with clearing out our barn and creating ornate table settings set for fine dining. We all dress in our nicest clothes and celebrate a family holiday together. It's a great opportunity for families of residents to mend broken relationships and get to know each others families.

Recovery Ranch Christmas

Each year at the end of October, we start hanging miles of Christmas lights all around the entire property at the Ranch. Each year gets bigger, better, and more exciting. With the addition of our Ranch Guys food trailer the coco-stand has turned into much more then just that. We are now able to serve food such as crepes, burgers, nuggets, fries, sandwiches, and much more. There is a raffle where people can buy tickets and win awesome prizes ranging from cash, Lakers tickets, game consoles, restaurant dinners, vacations, and much more! There is a fun zone where kids can play games and win prizes as well. Every one is welcome to come by and check out our coco-stand and lights every day from November 10th until Christmas day!

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