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Detox from Heroin in a Safe Place Away from Home

A heroin detox is a difficult and painful process, especially when you still have access to a dealer, or any sort of drugs or alcohol. This is why it is recommended that if you or a loved one is detoxing from heroin, it takes place in a location where drugs are not available, but support its.

To be clear, The Recovery Ranch does not offer a medical detox from heroin; we have no doctors or nurses on staff. However, we do have a house and staff full of gentlemen who have been through the the anguish and agony of heroin withdrawal, and we can offer emotional support. If need be, we can also drive you or your loved one to the Hospital if complications arise from withdrawal.

However, as most addicts will tell you, heroin detox is not fatal (although it sometimes feels like it is). The most important, and hardest factor in getting through it is cutting off any access to drugs or drug dealers. Heroin detoxes have sprouted up across California that offer this basic service, however they offer very little support after the addict undergoes the acute stages of heroin withdrawal.

The Recovery Ranch not only offers support for addicts in withdrawal, it offers a comprehensive program afterwards to teach them the importance of forming new, healthy habits, commiting to a high standard of living, and helping other people. Detoxing from heroin is just the starting point on an addicts journey. At The Recovery Ranch in California, we help our residents detox from heroin and then learn to lead a beautiful life, free from addiction. Click the link below to read more first hand stories!

Heroin addicts hike in Centra after detoxing California
Heroin addicts in southern california supportin eachother after detox
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