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Recovery Ranch

Ranch Entrance
Ranch Entrance (Looking Out)
Ranch Guys Food Trailer
Pool Deck 1
Pool Deck 2
Howard House Porch
Main House
Haunted House Front Porch
Main Office
Haunted House Bedroom
Wooden House Kitchen
Wooden House Porch

       The Recovery Ranch in Santa Ynez on Tivola St. is our main property and consists of 4 houses, a barn, swimming pool, coffee shop, on property store, arcade, and a movie theater we built ourselves.

       At the Ranch we live by a very high standard to make sure the house is kept clean and looking nice. This includes a fine dining table set up in the dining room, bathrooms kept clean and neat, every resident's bed, as well as belongings, are kept at a high standard. Every morning after breakfast, we do house chores to make sure everything is clean and up to our standard. We are constantly working on projects around the house for guys to take ownership in, and appreciate. It is all about taking care of the house you live in and feeling a sense of ownership and accomplishment by the end of the day. This, in turn, improves work ethic and guys learn how to condition themselves into not being lazy. While we all work hard around the house and in the community, we play hard as well. Giving the guys at the Ranch a nice balance between working, recovery, and having fun.



       We also have a large property on Calzada St. in Santa Ynez. The Calzada house is a ranch style home with a newly remodeled interior. This is where the Wooden graduates of the program as well as more senior graduates have the opportunity to live and have nights/days off. The standard is held at the Calzada house just as all of the properties by keeping it clean, tidy, and having tightly made hospital corner beds. The beds at the Calzada house are full size and 2 of the 4 rooms are for guys to have a room to themselves. These are all gentlemen who have put in a lot of work, time, continue to give back, and stay apart of what is going on at the Ranch. The house has 4 bedrooms, living room, family room, kitchen/dining room, 3 bathrooms, a gym, a couple horse corals (for storage) and a garage which is the Ranch Hands office. Having the Ranch Hands office at Calzada has given the business a chance to have a actual work shop and helps to expand the business, which is a awesome opportunity that all guys at the Ranch have the chance to be apart of. 

Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Property Front House
Santa Barbara Property Back House
Front House Kitchen
Front House Dining & Living Room
Back House Kitchen
Back House Living Room
Back House Dinner Table

         The Recovery Ranch Santa Barbara House contains two separate houses on the same property with an extended driveway.  There is a front house and a back house that both have a dining room with high end, professionally stained and polished extendable tables.  The tables come with fine-dining style napkins that are French folded and neatly placed on each ceramic plate.  Every plate setting has high quality silverware placed in order at every seat.  A few feet away from the dining room is our kitchen, equipped with all necessary appliances for quality cooking.  This includes a stove, dishwasher, microwave, fridge, and granite countertops.  The cookware includes cutting boards, sharpened knives, coated pots and pans, and wood, metal, and plastic cooking utensils (whisks, spatulas, etc.).  All these appliances are cleaned and maintained every day. 


         Both house's are built with stained wood floors which are swept and mopped every day.  The back house has three bathrooms, one upstairs with a shower, and two downstairs, one with a shower and one without.  The front house contains one bathroom equipped with a shower.  All bathrooms are cleaned daily and maintained with fresh towels and toilet paper.  Both houses have a couch and flat screen entertainment system perfect for movies or sports games.  TV’s and couches are vacuumed and dusted daily.  Both houses have carpeted rooms with two or more tightly-made bunk beds with hospital corners. All rooms are vacuumed and kept clean every day.  The back house has a loft with six sets of tightly made bunk beds and two two-person rooms downstairs.  The front house has three rooms, two –two person rooms and one four-person room. All these rooms come equipped with fans and windows that are dusted and cleaned daily.  Both houses are kept very clean and in tip-top shape.  The outside premises are swept and kept tidy with plenty of space for parking.

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