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At the Recovery Ranch, all of our managers are addicts with long term recovery. We've all been in your child or loved one's shoes. Because of this, we know how they are thinking and how to get them to take the first steps towards living a life in Recovery. We will come to any location, under any circumstance, and help your child get the help they need. 

Our process is simple but effective:

1). We will talk to the family ahead of time in order to personalize our approach.

2). We will determine the best two managers on our end to send, and talk to the family to make sure all other parties who may be helpful are present.

3). We will pick a time of day when we know the addict or alcoholic will be home. 

4). We will arrive and talk with your loved one. We will not ambush them. We will not make them uncomfortable. We will simply relate to them and share our experience. But we will be firm in getting them on board with accepting help.

5). We will stay as long as it takes to get them in a program. Whether its minutes, hours, or days. We will help your loved one get the help that they need.

From Santa Barbara, to Los Angeles, to Las Vegas, to San Francisco, to Denver, we have traveled across California and across the country to help families and individuals in crisis. Getting into our structured sober living home is the first, and often times the hardest step; That is why we are here to help.

Please call or e-mail immediately for details.

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