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We are much more than a sober living or addiction treatment center. Our  alcohol & drug treatment program is based on brutal honesty, compassion, and accountability. We point out each other's character defects so we can take a look at them and be held accountable to changing them. Our relationships are based upon helping each other change the behaviors that lead us back to abusing drugs and alcohol. The gentlemen who graduate our program learn the value of helping others, working hard, and living an honest life.

We have a sober community that embodies these values within the county of Santa Barbara, California that will act as your loved ones support system as soon as they walk through the doors of The Recovery Ranch, and for the rest of their lives.


Accountability is the single most important standard we live by at Recovery Ranch Drug Treatment Program. As addicts and alcoholics our lives consisted of very little or no accountability at all which led to poor decisions and fueled our addictions. Holding each other accountable in all aspects of our lives provides us with opportunities to constantly grow and improve the way we live. 


At the Ranch we learn how to completely change our old behaviors that were associated with drugs and alcohol. Many of our residents have been to drug treatment programs or alcohol treatment programs in the past, but they have not experienced the standard of living we hold at The Recovery Ranch! Learning to live as gentleman, we do not curse, use slang, or talk about things that could hurt our recovery. We also dress appropriately and use proper etiquette.  The relationship we have with the community is also very important to us and we always conduct ourselves the same way inside and outside the ranch: As gentleman in recovery.


In bright & sunny Santa Barbara County, California, residents learn that work ethic is a fundamental part of building a life of sobriety. The Ranch is dedicated to help improve our work ethic so we can lead a full and productive life. At times, we will be faced with things that we don't want to do, and it's having the ability to push through with a good attitude that helps build a strong foundation in our recovery. Graduates of The Recovery Ranch often cite the work ethic they built at The Ranch as essential to their current success, whether they are in college or building a career.


Recovery Ranch is a 12-step based program. We go to outside meetings and host our own meeting every Sunday night. When we start the program it is required to obtain a sponsor and work through the twelve steps. Completing step work is also a part of moving through different phases in the house.  When we finish the steps we are given the opportunity to give back and become sponsors in the house. We learn to utilize the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous in our day to day lives, and put them into action. 


John Wooden was a very successful basketball coach who led University of California, Los Angeles to win ten national championships, seven consecutively over the course of 12 years. His commitment to living a life based on humility, honesty, determination, care, industriousness, and leadership sets the example for our recovery and our way of life at the Ranch. We read his book Wooden and follow his principles of living in our daily lives, within our sober living home and beyond it.

2 Sets of 3s

The rules of Drug & Alcohol Treatment at The Ranch:

1. Never lie.
2. Never cheat.
3. Never steal.

1. Don't whine.
2. Don't complain.
3. Don't make excuses.


Learning to live within our structured living home instills residents with the discipline they need to structure their own lives. Having a schedule to follow each day keeps us from straying from our primary purpose, staying sober. Unnecessary free time is dangerous for  addicts and alcoholics and living a life with structure keeps us responsible. Our days are filled with purpose. We are always doing something to improve our lives and the place we live. Graduates of our program learn to structure their own days based on the skills that they have learned going through The Recovery Ranch!

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