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Today I have over a year and a half of sobriety. It's all because of Recovery Ranch. I came to The Ranch on October 18th, 2013. Prior to coming I was at a Mens rehab for 3 months which I relapsed half way through. And before that my life was out of control. I was homeless because my parents couldn't trust me in their home. I lost my job because I couldn't function without being under the influence. I had nothing going for me. I was 115 pounds, 19 years old. It was a matter of time before I was in prison or I was dead. Even after the three month program I was still the same kid. Luckily my parents brought me here to the Ranch before my life went back down hill. The Ranch has completely changed my life. It taught me how to grow up, pointed out my character defects, and taught me a good work ethic and to be a gentlemen. It hasn't just kept me sober. It has taught me how to live sober and be successful. It wasn't easy to change but today my life is amazing. Today I am 21 and weigh 160bs (I went to an AA meeting on my 21st birthday) and have a paid position managing the house I also sponsor three guys and help out other addicts and alcoholics stay sober and change their life. I am so grateful that the Ranch has given me my life back.

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"Where Clean And Sober Men Live as Gentlemen"


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