By Tammy, Mother of a 24 year old Wooden Graduate


Our son Brooks arrived at the Ranch in October of 2013. At that point it was a last resort for him and for our family. It was the 12th facility he had been to and it was a miracle he had survived to get there. Seven of his friends/acquaintances who we knew or had met have died as a direct result of this dreadful disease. We had finally arrived at the place where we told him “this is it, it’s the Ranch or else. If this doesn’t work we can no longer support you or have you in our lives”. He had legal problems and his life had spiraled out of control. His addiction had a devastating effect not only on him, but on our entire family. We had tried the programs with counselors and doctors (who gave them more drugs to help him with their drug problems!). None had any lasting impact on Brooks. He was living in Santa Barbara and we went on a last ditch effort to find a place that could save his life. We came across the Ranch in a Google search and found a Santa Barbara address that was actually the grad house. We drove to that address and by the grace of God, two young men were there and we talked to them about our situation. They told us that they had once been at the place where Brooks was then and they had found recovery at the Ranch. We were so impressed by the way they carried themselves and were so passionate about what the Ranch had done for them. They told us that this place could do the same for our beloved son. We visited the Ranch in Santa Ynez before returning home to Kansas City and immediately realized that it was exactly what he needed. The concept of gentlemen in recovery spoke to our souls. Brooks had always been a gentleman at heart but it had gotten lost in the haze of addiction. It took a couple of months to make it happen but October 16th, 2013 was the beginning of a new and wonderful life for Brooks. The Ranch has literally saved his life. In his 3 ½ years there he developed an incredible work ethic and a confidence in himself that we thought was impossible up to that point. He received an invaluable education about how to live life, how to conduct himself and how to have a wonderful life, free of drugs and alcohol. We can’t say enough about all the things he got from his time there. The Ranch also helped him get through his legal issues. The program is amazingly well-designed and is constantly adapting as they learn more from their experience. I have often referred to the Ranch as a cross between a fraternity and the military. The combination of structure and peer support works magic. Through accountability and brotherhood, through hard work and lots of fun and fantastic experiences like Yosemite, Habitat for Humanity in Costa Rica, a mission trip to North Carolina and many more, he got his life back and we got our son back. God is good, miracles do happen and the Ranch made all of this possible. We will be forever indebted. One of the things that we have learned is that giving back is a huge part of this experience. We have helped other families get their sons there and welcome the opportunity to share our experience, strength and hope with anyone who would like to ask us about this incredible place. WE LOVE THE RANCH!!!


Warren and Tammy Williams

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