By Linda, Mother of a 30 year old Wooden Graduate


I believe in miracles...our family has experienced one firsthand.


Our son Cainan has always been a high-energy, reckless, "life of the party" type of guy who people were drawn to. Unfortunately, this also led him to experiment with drugs as a teen, and ultimately, he became an undisciplined, manipulating, self-loathing drug addict. Over the years, we thought we could "help" him by covering for him: bailing him out of trouble, loving him, pleading with him, threatening him, but ultimately, we only enabled him. He'd been through several detoxes, a failed rehab, Prop. 36 classes, while using the whole time. The frustration of trying to talk sense into a drug addict was tearing our family apart. Why could other addicts recover, but not our son? As his mother, I used to dream of a future where he would be the clean and sober, wonderful man who I was proud to call my son. But after almost 10 years, we had all but given up hope, and that future was now looking like one of jail and isolation from his family. Not even his precious son could lead him to sobriety. Although we knew in his heart he wanted a different life, he just couldn't make it happen. The demon of addiction is so powerful, and we had all but lost hope.


Earlier this year, his father and I were driving on the 101, ready to take our exit, when a white van pulled up next to us. In big letters, we read "Recovery Ranch, where sober men live as gentlemen". We wrote the name down and looked it up as soon as we got home. I called and spoke to Andy, who told me "yes, bring him up, we can help him." It wasn't easy, but we got him there, and that's when we experienced our miracle. We truly believe it was divine intervention; 5 seconds more and we would have pulled off the freeway and would have never heard of Recovery Ranch. When we visited the Ranch, we couldn't believe that this group of friendly, well-mannered gentlemen were all recovering addicts. We soon saw this positive change in our own son and are amazed at the person he is today. He has a purpose in life, is excited for his future, and we can't wait to see how he will fulfill his destiny.


Daniel and Andy are two men who lead by example—who truly want the best lives possible for the men under their care, and participate in every aspect of the Ranch. They are fully invested and have done what we could never do: take a broken, desperate young man, a hopeless addict, and teach him to be accountable, to be honest, to be grateful for the chance to start over. The Ranch is not just a sober living home, it is a true brotherhood of men who all support and help each other to be who they were meant to be. Daniel and Andy are life coaches who teach how to work hard, play hard, and be the best you can be, in whatever you do. They both have wonderful families, and one thing that has always touched me is how much their own kids love to spend time at the Ranch. Cainan's son would live there too if he could! The Ranch is wonderful in welcoming the resident's children, having birthday parties for them, and allowing the fathers to bond and learn what it means to be "daddy."Recovery Ranch has become a part of our family, and they will always have a special place in our hearts.Thank you for what you have done for Cainan. We love you.

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