By Kathleen, Mother of a 22 year old Graduate


The Recovery Ranch and the academy is an amazing place that has given my son more hope for a bright future than I have seen in years.  Academically James is bright but tended to be easily distracted and has a motor tick so school was a struggle.  When drug use became his focus, educational goals were among the first to dissolve.


Over the yeas he has attempted multiple recovery programs but every time he completed one, the return to the addict lifestyle was quicker even more dangerous.  Eventually James would break down, become withdrawn and stop coming home.  He would lose all hope and unable to set let alone achieve his goals.  He would finally come and ask for help but each time it was getting worse and I was afraid he would eventually stop and we would lose him.    


I believed James would respond best to a peer type program; I did the research, read the reviews and called a couple including The Recovery Ranch.  I was impressed because they answered all those awkward questions without using the evasion techniques.  All those I spoke to were sensitive, empathetic but straightforward.


As a parent being unable to contact your son, especially in this day of constant communication was difficult for me, but the Ranch team was available anytime. When James was struggling, having a problem or walked away from the program they called let me know the status and we through the issue.   If I needed to check and make sure he was all right someone always took time to talk to me and let me know what was going on and what to expect.  The work and academic programs at The Recovery Ranch are an added bonus.  Work gives a sense of purpose; I have read the reviews that this is about having a work force for the businesses however, I don’t see that. The businesses like all need to nearly break even to stay around but the sense of purpose they get from taking pride in the work they do is immeasurable.   James has experienced repercussions for not adhering to policies and discovered that hard work and taking responsibility are attributes that are rewarded.  In other works, James finally understand what it means to have a job and succeed while maintaining house and academic obligations. James seems is making better decisions, has taken on mentoring and leadership responsibilities and tries to do what is right rather than what is easy.    Through the academy, he realizes he can go back to school and continue his education while in recovery. 


Just to be clear James used every tool in his arsenal to try to leave the alcohol treatment program, he walked away multiple times.  Each time the leaders never gave up and work with him to address the issue.   I never thought James would endorse the program but he has when talking to us personally and through posts. James has a better insight into his addiction and is gaining an understanding into what he needs to do when to transition out of the program and his plans include going back to college.


Sending James to The Recovery Ranch is the best decision we have made to help him realize that there is hope and a future in recovery and sobriety.  Daniel Ross and his team are amazing.


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