By Tracy, Mother of a 24 year old Graduate


In November of 2015 my sons drug addiction had spiraled out of control. I believed he was on the path to death or jail.  My daughter and I decided that if we didn’t act quickly we would probably be planning my son’s funeral.

I started researching places to get him help…. All the places looked the same….


When I found Recovery Ranch, I was impressed by the program for a couple of reasons,  The Ranch is “Men Only”  and I really liked the way the young men were living like gentlemen and were “Giving Back” through community service.

My daughter and I visited the Ranch on Thanksgiving Day.  Jared instead of enjoying his

Thanksgiving had stayed at the Ranch to meet with us.  Jared made me feel a sense of peace I had not had in many years.  He was honest and did not sugar coat anything. I knew this was going to be a journey.

With the assistance of my nephew, who is a sheriff, we were able to get Joe to Recovery Ranch with the threat of Jail.  


In the beginning, Joe, was angry, bitter and fought everything.  I would get phone calls from my son saying “He is cured:” and ready to come home. He would sneak out and walk away, I would get a call from the Ranch, telling me he had walked away, but assuring me this was common behavior for new guys and not to worry, they would find him and walk with him until they could get him back which they always did. On a visit, Joe shared that one time he walked away and Jared had to throw him over his shoulder and carried him back to the ranch.


My son entered Recovery Ranch an entitled immature kid lacking  direction. He will leave Recovery Ranch a responsible, accountable, gentleman with the skills he needs to navigate his life.

Thank you, Daniel and all your staff… Recovery Ranch has been a “Rock” in this journey with Joe. Never have you given up or wavered in your commitment.  I know that our family story would have had a different ending if not for Recovery Ranch. For that I will be forever grateful and humbled by the dedication and courage of such fine men who live their lives with courage and passion to do the hard work of saving lives.

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