Trevor G

When I walked into Recovery Ranch, all I knew about it was that it was a sober living with in-house employment opportunities and took from 6-10 months to graduate. When I arrived I had no intention of staying sober, let alone admitting that I was a hopeless drug addict. I had no concept of how the house worked, how important accountability is or how this place would give me the tools necessary to build a successful, selfless life centered around Recovery. I quickly learned that in order to build these tools it would take hard work, patience and living the 12 steps. That is one of the biggest differences between the Ranch and other ‘rehabs’ and ‘outpatient’ programs—is that sitting around and talking about things we would like to do, our feelings and why we use isn’t enough anymore. Instead, we learn to focus on what we are doing wrong, where and how we can change those things, and we help each other make these changes without hesitation or excuses. Had I not wound up at the Ranch, I would have never known what it means to care for another addict in recovery and never would have learned to stop making excuses and show up for my life.

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"Where Clean And Sober Men Live as Gentlemen"


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