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Troy G


I have been at The Recovery Ranch for thirteen months. I came in on March 4, 2014, completely unwilling to follow through with any sort of commitment. I have been struggling with addiction for close to ten years and thought that I could try to get sober on my own, which I knew never worked. After my first month at the Ranch, I became close to people and got involved in what we do and committed to graduation. The next eight months were filled with struggles and a lot of hard work. Through accountability and living the principles of John Wooden, and Alcoholics Anonymous I have learned how to live a life I never imagined possible. Before coming to the Ranch, I had lost a lot, from relationships, to my own family cutting me off. I was living a very difficult life with no purpose. Today I have graduated the program at the Ranch, and am one of the assistant house managers, I live with a lot of purpose and have obtained a lot of relationships with brothers that I feel close to. We are constantly working on our character defects and improving our lives, and always growing in our recovery. I am grateful for my life today and all of my brothers here at the Ranch.

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