Glo - Mother of 27 year old Graduate

Where to start?

Firstly, to say THANK YOU!!!
Words are truly inadequate to express the gratitude I feel for Daniel and the men at the Recovery Ranch!

It is a program for addicts/alcoholics run by addicts/alcoholics.
ONLY an addict can recognize and ‘call out’ another addict. No feeling sorry for them, no excuses or manipulations, no enabling. Those feelings and behaviors are what keep the addict in the addiction!

I know.
For 12 years I felt desperation and fear for my son, while he made excuses and manipulated EVERY aspect of his life in order to keep using! Every time a program would be too hard, or too restrictive or they “didn’t understand” my son and his needs- he would leave on his own or I would go rescue (read: enable)him again! I was- IN REALITY, keeping my son in his addiction!

By the time we found the Recovery Ranch, he was homeless and living on the street- had been to at least 6-8 Rehabs, oh- and let’s not forget jail! Yes mom and dad... it ONLY gets worse!

However, at the Ranch he has gained 55 lbs, had his teeth repaired (an enormous undertaking), is taking college classes, assuming more and more work responsibilities, and learning to care for others! He is learning to communicate responsibly and understand the impact of his actions!

Yes- The Ranch is rigorous! Yes- at times there is a ‘plan’ that occurs as unreasonable or punitive .... however IF ANYTHING reasonable would have worked, my son would have recovered years before now!

The magic happens in the letting go! Allow the natural consequences of the addiction and all the damage to the addict/alcoholic and the family to be brought until the light!
Allow someone who has BEEN THERE and survived(and is thriving) to guide your loved one into wholeness! If you could have done it before- you wouldn’t be reading reviews now!!!

Recovery Ranch is a safe, warm, loving and tough place to reclaim an addicts life! How long does it take?!? As long as it takes!!!

It is NOT a cult- it is an effective program developed and implemented by people who have BEEN THERE! Only people on the outside looking in(read:enablers), or a whiny addict not ready to confront their behaviors- will call it that!

In addition to learning how to live a life without alcohol &/or drugs, the men at the Ranch are taught life skills like honesty, integrity, and looking out for others.
They learn to work hard and take care of each other.
They play hard, too! Backpacking, skiing and wake boarding, sports and working out- movies and game nights- all the things that make up a well rounded, healthy life!

Nothing (no thing) in life is perfect. To think that one will find a Recovery program for an addict that is perfect... is delusional!
Recovery Ranch is a work in progress, and thankfully so!!! They see and work with each and every man or youth to bring out the very best in them-
By calling into the light of day all of the shame and guilt and dishonesty that has ruled their addictive lives and brought them to the Ranch in the first place.... they are, IN REALITY, giving the addict / alcoholic an opportunity to quit hiding in the shadows behind excuses and manipulations!
The addict is given the opportunity to recognize, acknowledge, own, and work through the ways of being that have destroyed their lives and the lives of those that love them!

If you want a program that can ACTUALLY WORK- then get your loved one to the Ranch!
Then do the hardest thing ever, and LET GO.
When you do, you’ll find you will get your life back! Complete with the TRANSFORMATION of your loved one.

I know. My 27 year old son is a living testimony,
Is it easy? No! Is it always fun? No. Is it worth it?


I am and will be ETERNALLY GRATEFUL for what the Ranch is and does for those who cannot do for themselves! It truly is Holy Work!

Glo Kennedy




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