Gabi - Mother of 27 Year Old Resident

My son was on death’s doorstep and now he is walking towards a new future. There are no guarantees for a recovering addict, but the staff at the ranch have all traveled this destructive path so yes, they know what it’s all about and what they can offer. The ranch knows addicts slip up and they don’t give up. There is a true brotherhood between the guys and the support they give each other has never been demonstrated in any of the rehabs my son has been to. The ranch itself proves that living in a clean, respectful environment is important. There is a dress code which brings all the addicts to the same level, they are groomed and look clean, yet their individuality is not taken away, just worked with, so that each addict has a chance to take what is left of him and build a new structure.
My son came to the ranch suffering in addition, with seizures and memory loss. Slowly he is regaining himself, only because the


ranch staff was and still is willing to work with his handicaps. Being a single mom, this is the first time in 12 years I have been given a helping hand and hope.

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