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My name is Rick and I am a recent graduate of recovery ranch. Before I came to the program I was living with my mom in Seattle going nowhere with my life, severely depressed and disconnected from everyone in my life, and using drugs to escape along with video games. I had a college degree but no desire to pursue any work, I was extremely lazy and entitled to the lifestyle I took for granted from my Mom. I came to the ranch simply to get away and put myself into a new environment, and it was not what I expected. I couldn't rely on video games or books to escape and was constantly in a structured schedule with other guys in the house. It wasn't a comfortable transition, but I've fought through struggles and grown up as a result. I have meaningful relationships with the guys I've gone through the program with, and currently have the opportunity to run one of the Ranch Businesses. It's not an easy program by any means, but if you are really looking to change your life and lead a clean sober life with energy, character, and brothers that will push you to succeed then you should come to the Ranch.

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