Stephen - Father of a 21 year-old Graduate

This place saved my son's life. It's not easy to put into words the full scope of what the ranch has done for our family, my son and what it can do for yours. This place is so much more than a alcohol rehab in California. Is it hard? Absolutely but it works. Those addicted have a fight on their hands and the ranch understands what it takes to get folks not just clean and sober but to get them to change the destructive patterns and thought processes that causes so many to return/rely on their addictions. It's not a race it's a marathon, a long uphill one. For the boys and men that get clean and sober and put in the work at the recovery ranch their lives are changed forever. My son has spent over 14 months at the ranch and is not only sober but he has became a hard working man of integrity and character. Did he want to quit along the way- yes, in fact many times but with the encouragement from the brotherhood at the ranch and our steadfast conviction that he needed to stay there his life is now headed in a direction that I never thought I would see. Our son went to the ranch a boy that was polluted with drugs and alcohol and in every sense of the word about to kill himself. He is now a man looking at a bright future full of hope and conviction. If you have a loved one struggling with addiction get them to the ranch, keep them at the ranch, let them do their jobs  - it works!!  Thank you to all the MEN at the ranch that have poured their lives into the saving and changing of others.





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"Where Clean And Sober Men Live as Gentlemen"


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