Celeste - Mother of a 28 Year Old Graduate

Recovery Ranch has been a life saver for our family. Three years ago our son was spiraling out of control and we didn't know where to turn. We had tried Betty Ford and two sober living facilities without success. 
June 2, 2018 marks our sons second graduation from the program and we are very proud. Listening to the other parents talk about their sons struggles and the struggles of their own families brought into focus how far we have all come. 
For those considering Recovery Ranch know that it is not at all like a Betty Ford or any of the beach type centers with massages and counselors and pampering. They do not sugar coat anything and they call out any undesirable behavior that is hampering not only becoming sober but becoming a better person. It is also not one of those wilderness camps where they torture anyone. These guys care about each other and they understand because they have all been there themselves. 
This is not a thirty, sixty or even a ninety day program. There is no set graduation date. They graduate when they prove they are ready. My son thought he was ready after he graduated the first time and left on less than good terms. He relapsed after three months but the guys at the ranch did not hesitate to welcome him back. In fact they drove all night to pick him up. It also says a lot that he went back because he was aware he would have to start all over and it would not be easy. He knew it was where he needed to be to succeed. 
Since my son has been at Recovery Ranch I've been able to relax and breathe in a way that wasn't possible for years. Seeing my son healthy and happy has been wonderful. It did not happen overnight and he has his ups and downs but I am and will continue to be forever hopeful of his continued success and grateful to Recovery Ranch.

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