Mike S - Uncle of Two Graduates

A. Death
B. Incarceration
C. Sobriety

Once you decide on option C, then you must choose a program, as you and your family member have been unable to get sober, otherwise you have already solved the problem.

Based on our research, we felt any program selected with any true hope of success needed to be a minimum of 12 months inpatient.

The Recovery Ranch, while not cheap, seemed fair compared to options A and B noted above. We have been involved with The Ranch for about 20 months and they have been able to get both of our family members sober, HAPPY, and healthy, something they had not been for several years.

As with any program, it needs to fit the client and families goals and commitments. The Ranch is tough love, which most addicts have never experienced as they are surrounded by enablers, usually so-called friends that par take in the same destructive behaviors. Your family member cannot BS their way through this program as most have done in previous programs, as it seems like most of the clients at the The Ranch have failed several times prior.

Getting sober is not a fun and friendly process, as it has taken several years of poor decisions to get to this point, so reversing said behavior is tough and takes guts, but hang in there and do not give up.

Thanks for listening and good luck.



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