Tony V

I arrived at the Recovery Ranch almost 5 years ago, not believing I really had a serious problem but having no other place to go because my wife Traci had finally had enough. I had no idea what recovery would look like and what it would entail; however, Traci and I are so thankful for Daniel, for the guys I went through the program with and the guys I got see come through the house as a house manager and intake manager. We pushed and challenged each other to grow and change each other’s lives for the better. It took a lot of hard work and sometimes wanting to give up, but we didn’t. Daniel and the guys pushed and challenged me to stay, promising I would have a better life if I stuck it out. And they were right. The lessons I learned to put into practice at the Ranch are lessons I still use today, in my marriage, my work life, and racing bicycles - I show up with a good attitude everyday, I work hard, I show up for my wife everyday. And it feels great. We moved to Austin a couple of months ago and I started with a new CPA firm here. None of that would be possible without God, without the Ranch and Daniel and all they guys that pushed me. We are so thankful for my time there. It changed both of our lives!

-Tony Velebil
4 years 10 months and 1 week sober. 
Wooden Graduate



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