Hal - Father of a Wooden Graduate


I honestly don't know if my son would be alive today if it wasn't for Recovery Ranch. He was in the depths of despair and under the control of pain killers, and I had to finally let go of control. I had been to many programs to see of they could help, but a counselor friend said that the Ranch in Santa Ynez was the only place she sent clients because it was the only one that worked! She was absolutely right! Was it hard for him? Of course! What it what he thought he needed? Probably not. When people are under the influence of drugs, their judgement is clouded and they have little ability to see the big picture. After a long struggle and a lot of hard work, the commitment paid off. Today he is healthy, clean and sober, happily married and has a child on the way. The Ranch was truly any answer to prayer. Miracles do happen!

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