By Sarah -Mother of a 26 Year Old Graduate


With addiction rampant virtually everywhere in our country, I can say firsthand that we'd all be better served with more programs like Recovery Ranch Men's Structured Sober Living. Thirty days is no magic number but if you are "lucky" that is what you get in residential treatment, if you're fortunate enough to have insurance coverage. These programs and yes, a variety of them, did not work for us. The Ranch has, not only for our son, but for many, many young men who we've met and had the pleasure to get to know. It takes hard work and it is not easy but the peer accountability here is the basis for transforming and saving lives. Following this plan is restorative in so very many ways. The support within this program is what makes it work. You're not going to hear what you want to hear, you're going to hear what you need to hear to get your life back and appreciate all that it has to offer. As a parent, I am thankful beyond words for what Recovery Ranch has given our son and our family. Talk with the men that run the Ranch, visit and see how the men that come for help live there. This is a very, very special place that most definitely works!

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