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Sober Living California

Sober Living California

A sober living home is a group home, generally, of recovering addicts or alcoholics, live together under one roof. The Recovery Ranch offers sober living in California. Many of the residents are in transition from inpatient care to going home. A home for sober living in California can be divided into several categories. Some homes may be for a specific drug or a specific age level. Some homes are just for men and some for only women. Rules and regulations for each house are different from the others. They all have some things in common. All provide tools that the resident will need to remain sober once they are home. It is best for the patient that is receiving intensive Outpatient Treatment live in a sober house. This way they get the intensive support from fellow residents that are going through the same thing. They support each other as well as hold each other accountable for their recovery.

Life in a Sober Living Facility

Life in sober living in California is almost like living at home. This environment will help get you ready to go home. In these homes, no drugs or alcohol are allowed. Violence is not tolerated, and overnight guests are not allowed. Random drug and alcohol tests are performed. This assured the rules are followed and that the resident has not begun to relapse. In most homes support groups must be attended. Since the patient is being prepared to return home, they must learn to handle everyday activities, and responsibilities.

The sober living in California facility will allow the patient a better chance is being able to remain sober and not relapse. When returning home the stresses that come from everyday life, it's often more than the patient it's ready to deal with. They need to be able to learn the skills required to prevent the relapse and put them into practice in a safe environment where people understand what they are going through. Since most of the people in the home has been through inpatient care, it makes it easier for them to support each other and help each other tough times. It is not required to have been through inpatient care, but every resident is at some point in the recovery process.

About The Recovery Ranch

At The Recovery Ranch, sober living is in a structured environment. The patient is required to attend regular support group group. Since there is no alcohol or drugs permitted in the facility, it is easier to hold to the rules. The Recovery Ranch motto is "Where clean and sober men live like gentlemen." This summarizes our goals. We believe that by holding each other accountable, change can be promoted. This allows the opportunity to help each other grow into a stronger person free from addictions. We act and speak as gentlemen in recovery. Prevention from relapse can occur because here at The Recovery Ranch Sober Living in California, and we change lives in a lasting way.

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