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Sober Living Near Me

Looking online for Sober Living ‘near me’? While many patients completing residential treatment for addiction prefer to find a Sober Living home near familiar territory, others find that living in a familiar environment tends to lead to a relapse. It’s not easy deciding where to live while receiving ongoing support and extended treatment, but what is easy is trusting The Recovery Ranch to be there for you throughout the process of recovering.

Take a Virtual Tour

We have 4 Recovery Ranch locations, 3 in Santa Ynez, and one in Santa Barbara. You can take a closer look at what is offered at each by clicking the ‘Virtual Tour’ link next to each of our locations in the ‘Houses’ section of our website. You’ll find our homes are beautifully kept and well-maintained, with ample space and numerous amenities,

Recovery Ranch Properties:

  • Our primary property on Tivola St in Santa Ynez has four houses, a swimming pool, barn, coffee shop, on-site store, movie theater, and arcade.

  • Our Edison House in Santa Ynez has room for ten residents to live in, who all have the opportunity to work on the house and property and make it their own.

  • Calzada House in Santa Ynez is housing for senior graduates who have put in a lot of time and are ready to give back to the Recovery Ranch.

  • Our Santa Barbara House features two separate homes that are very comfortable to live in and include numerous amenities.

Why Choose The Recovery Ranch?

When looking online for Sober Living ‘near me,’ there’s a lot to consider before settling on one living arrangement. Recovery experts tell us that accountability is the most critical feature leading to success in a support program. Our clients consistently tell us that a lack of responsibility led them to make poor decisions. By holding each other accountable for our actions in all aspects of life, we continually grow and improve our new way of life.

Our Clients Live as Gentlemen

This means that while living at The Recovery Ranch, there is no cursing, using slang, or talking about things that impede recovery. We dress for success as well, conducting ourselves inside and outside of the Ranch in a way that earns respect from others

Developing a Winning Work Ethic

Our staff at The Recovery Ranch is committed to helping newcomers improve their work ethic so that every resident can lead a full, productive life during and after Sober Living.

We’re Also Committed to the 12 Steps

The programs offered at The Recovery Ranch are based on the 12 step program that has proven time after time to lead to success in addiction recovery. As a part of the 12 step program, you’ll be required to obtain a sponsor and complete step work throughout your time at the Ranch. When you complete the program, you’ll have the opportunity to become a sponsor yourself.

We’ll provide the structure you need, helping you avoid unnecessary free time that is dangerous to early recovery. We’re the Sober Living ‘near me’ you’ve been looking for- give us a call to learn more about The Recovery Ranch.

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