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Where is your program Located?

  • Our program is located in Santa Ynez, California.

Where is Santa Ynez?

  • About 45 miles inland and north of Santa Barbara, CA.

Do you have a house in Santa Barbara, CA?

  • We do! We have a sober living house exclusively for graduates of The Recovery Ranch Structured Sober Living located in downtown Santa Barbara, California. Many of these young men attend University of Santa Barbara, California or Santa Barbara City College.

How long is your program?

  • As we base graduation on progress and performance, there is no set time limit to our program. Typically residents graduate from The Recovery Ranch in about a year, however ultimately each individuals path in recovery is based on the actions they put forward to change, rather than the amount of time they spend in the program. 

What makes The Recovery Ranch better than a typical sober living?

  • The Recovery Ranch is a Structured Sober Living Home based upon the principles of AA, the philosophy of Coach John Wooden, brotherhood, and accountability. The men who go through our program learn to grow up, take ownership for their own lives, and care about the person next to them. At the Recovery Ranch, men learn how to live sober, andhow to build beautiful lives in Recovery.

Can my loved one detox at your facility?

  • We are not a licensed medical facility. However, we are all addicts and alcoholics who have detoxed numerous times in the past and can offer emotional support. For medical support, we will transport your loved one to the doctor or hospital if deemed necessary or requested.

What if my loved one is unwilling to enter treatment?

  • It is important for the addict to at least show some willingness initially to change, however entering a long-term structured sober living program is a huge change and often difficult for an addict to get on board with. Do not be discouraged! As a family member, you must be calm yet firm with the individual who needs help. You should present the option of treatment to them, and make it clear that this is the option you support and that you won't enable the addict or alcoholic any more, financially or emotionally. 

Can you help get my loved one into treatment?

  • At The Recovery Ranch, we will come pick up your loved one where ever they are, and can even facilitate an intervention with the family. Please visit our 'Interventions' page for more details.

Is there an age requirement?

  • No, there is no age requirement for our structured sober living program. We accept & welcome all adults over eighteen.

Can I come see your program for myself?

  • Absolutely! To schedule a tour, or to learn more about our program, please call our intake manager at:  (805) 705 0766!

Sober Gentleman at Lake Cachuma, Near Santa Barbara California


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