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Structured Sober Living California

Structured Sober Living California

Are you searching online for structured Sober Living in California? There are many halfway houses and Sober Living arrangements throughout the state; however, not all of them provide the kind of structure and ‘family feel’ that you’ll find at The Recovery Ranch. If you’re looking for the opportunity to live as a new man, apart from the temptations and triggers of the outside world, call our staff to learn more about our houses.

Staying Connected to Support

Recovery specialists report the best way to transition back to life outside of treatment after residential rehab is by living in a Sober House that offers a drug and alcohol-free environment, with additional amenities and programs designed to help build on the skills learned during inpatient treatment. If you’ve completed a 30, 60, or 90-day residential recovery program and feel you need extended support, we invite you to check out our beautiful Sober Living houses in Santa Ynez and Santa Barbara


Why Consider Structured Sober Living in California

For those who have lost jobs, housing, and family support during their time of addiction, Sober Living can provide a safe, transitional period that will serve as a buffer between the outside world. While no one can remain within the buffer forever, the length of time necessary to heal and prepare for the next phase of life will vary from one person to the next. If you’ve left a stressful situation behind you, we can help you learn new skills, and practice them, before returning home. There are numerous benefits of living at The Recovery Ranch:

  • You’ll have 24/7 support from residents and sponsors who have the same goal as you- remaining sober.

  • Sober Living will ease the transition to life outside of treatment.

  • You’ll establish and develop accountability for your actions- something you may not have had since before your addiction started.

  • You’ll have the opportunity to build a personal sober support network that can last a lifetime.

  • You’ll have access to 12 Step meetings and additional therapy necessary for growth and healing.

Smoothing the Bumps

The road from recovery to home is pitted with bumps and potholes that can make long-term recovery very difficult without extended support. If you or someone you love is recovering from an addiction, there is strong evidence to show how beneficial structured Sober Living in California can be.

Research shows that leaving residential treatment and going right back to living in the same environment without additional support leads to a high likelihood of relapsing. Consider going from being fully supported in a safe space to waking up in the same life where all of the triggers and temptations are still around every corner. It’s easy to see why so many addicts wind up back in treatment after a relapse- and why so many others don’t even bother to try again.

Stay Safe, Stay Sober

The Recovery Ranch provides all the time necessary to heal from addiction and learn new habits and a new way of life. When you commit to spending more time in early recovery, you’ll multiply your chances of finding the path to lifelong recovery.

Family BBQ at California Sober Living
Families of addicts gather on holidays at this structured sober living program
Structured family events are important in sober living homes
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