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Drug And Alcohol Treatment Centers In California

At Recovery Ranch, our aim is to help you achieve sobriety and get your life back. Our treatment program is entirely based on accountability and honesty. We develop a healthy relationship with our patients and assist them in recognizing their character defects. With this, we can help them change their habits and live an addiction-free life. We remain one of the best drug and alcohol treatment centers in California.

Also, we offer well-detailed and very transparent treatment procedures. Our team of qualified therapists and mental health specialists will be with you always to provide you with expert guidance and coping skills. We will dedicate everything at our disposal to help you overcome the overwhelming withdrawal symptoms you may likely experience during this period. We serve both adult and young patients all over California.

Our Structure and Recovery Program

At Recovery Ranch, we believe that idleness is one of the reasons why people take drugs or alcohol. We will teach you how to live a structured and scheduled life. We ensure that all our patients are always doing something to improve their lives and the community they live in. This gives you unnecessary free time and keeps you focused on your objective at the facility.

In addition, our treatment and recovery procedure at Recovery Ranch is a 12-step based program. We attend outside meetings and host our meeting every Sunday night. Patients are required to work through all the twelve steps to help them become sober. On finishing the steps, you are provided with the opportunity to give back and become a sponsor of the house.

Our Top Class, Well-Equipped Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers in California

To continue providing excellent rehab, detox, and treatment services to patients, we have treatment centers all over California. Our treatment center in Santa Ynez on Tivola St. is our main property. The rehab center has four houses, a barn, coffee shop, swimming pool, arcade, on property store, and a movie theater. All these have been provided to aid in your recovery process.

Asides that, we also have treatment centers in Edison, Calzada, and Santa Barbara. All our facilities feature beautifully furnished dining area and kitchen. The rehab facility also comes with ultramodern equipment and state-of-the-art amenities like bathroom, electronic equipment, and so forth. We have put all the amenities in place to keep you comfortable and relaxed as you break the addiction chain.

Above all, all our drug and alcohol treatment centers in California feature a conducive, serene, and calm environment. Our member staff ensures that the entire environment is kept clean and neat at every point in time. With this, you can overcome the withdrawal symptoms easily.

Contact Us Today!

For more information about our treatment procedures, contact us today at Recovery Ranch. Our services are very affordable. Our specialist will be available to speak with you and discuss your treatment options. We can also create a personalized recovery program for you. With us, you are guaranteed to achieve sobriety. A life-transforming experience awaits you at our drug and alcohol treatment centers in California.

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